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News worthy of the front page

May 2021 – Marco, Scott and Victoria join the lab.

May 2021 – Marco, Scott and Victoria join the lab.  Marco as a Ph.D. candidate, Scott as a M.Sc. candidate and Victoria as a undergraduate summer student.

April 2021. Jake awarded a NSERC CGS-D Scholarship

April 2021 – Congratulations to Jake for being awarded a NSERC CGS-D scholarship.  This is Canada’s top national graduate scholarship.

April 2021 – Congratulations to Adam on his new job.

April 2021 – Congratulations to Adam (M.Sc. student in the lab) for landing a job as a data scientist with Bell Networks.  He starts in May.

April 2021 – Lab awarded large MITACS grant

April 2021 – Congratulations to Professor Woo and Professor Arvind Rajendran (University of Alberta) for being awarded ~$500K from MITACS to develop materials for CO2 capture with an industrial sponsor.

Jan. 2021 – Publication in Nature Machine Intelligence.

January 2021. Our collaborative work with Randy Snurr’s and Alain Aspuru-Guzik’s lab on using variational autoencoders for MOFs was published. Yao, Z; Sanchez-Lengeling, B.; Bobbitt, S.; Bucior, B.J.; Kumar, Sai Govind Hari ; Collins, S.P.;  Burns, T.; Woo, T.K.; Farha, O.; Snurr, R.Q.*;  Aspuru-Guzik, A.* “Inverse Design of Nanoporous Crystalline Reticular Materials with Deep Generative …

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Feb. 2021 – Professor Woo wins faculty’s “Researcher of the Year” award

February 2021.  Congratulations to Professor Woo who was won the Faculty of Science’s 2020-2021 Research Excellence Award, also known as the Researcher of the Year award.

Jan. 2021 – Congratulations to Chris Rowley on his new faculty position

January 2021.  Congratulations to Woo lab alumni Chris Rowley (Ph.D. 2010) on his new faculty position at Carleton University, here in Ottawa.  Chris is moving his lab from Memorial University.  Chris is originally from Ottawa so we aren’t sure but he may have moved back in with his parents!

Dec. 2020 – Jake’s undergraduate thesis published in JPC.

December 2020.  Congratulations to Jake whose undergraduate thesis was published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry.   Burner, J.; Schwiedrzik, L.; Krykunov, M. ; Luo, J.; Boyd, P.G.; Woo, T.K.* “High-Performing Deep Learning Regression Models for Predicting Low-Pressure CO2 Adsorption Properties of Metal-Organic Frameworks”, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2020, 124, 27996.   link.

Sept. 2020 – Jake joins the lab as a M.Sc. candidate.

May 2020 – Jake awarded NSERC CGS-M scholarship