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Past Group Members



Ibrahim Awad (PDF, 2022-2023)

Assistant Professor, Tafila Technical University, Jordan



Anna Kapeliukha (visiting MSc student, 2022)

Anna is originally from Chernihiv, Ukraine and received her BSc in Organic Chemistry from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Chemoinformatics at the Institute of High Technologies (IHT).



Maxime Aubry (undergraduate summer researcher, 2022)

Maxime is currently a graduate student at the University of Ottawa



Rhiannon Hendley (undergraduate summer researcher, 2022)

Rhiannon is completing her B.Sc. in chemistry at the University of Ottawa.



Tom Burns (Ph.D. 2022)

Tom is now a data scientist at Environment and Climate Change Canada.



Dr. Steven Maley (Post-Doc, 2021)

Steven is now working as a computational chemist at the Canadian Bank Note Company.



Adam  Mirmiran (M.Sc., 2021)

Adam is now a data scientist at Sobeys.



Matt White (B.Sc. 2021)

Matt is a Process Technician at Catena Carbon




Victoria Ogden (undergraduate summer researcher, 2021)


Sean Collins (Ph.D 2019)

Sean is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia and obtained his B.Sc in Chemistry from Dalhousie University. Sean enjoys attending cultural festivals and skating, in particular on the Rideau Canal.

Sean Succesfully defended his Ph.D. thesis titled “Parameterization, Pores, and Processes: Simulation and Optimization of Materials for Gas Separations and Storage ” .  Sean is now working at Health Canada working as a data scientist.


Mykhaylo Krykunov (PDF 2019)

Mykhaylo worked on machine learning models to predict total DFT energies of molecules and to predict gas adsorption in MOFs.  He now works on machine learning models for the Canadian Bank Note Company.


Ludwig Schwiedrzik (M.Sc. 2019)

Sean Succesfully defended his M.Sc. thesis titled ” New Machine Learning Models for Predicting the Performance of MOFs in
Post-Combustion Carbon Capture
”  Ludwig is now pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Vienna.

Negar Parvisi (Visiting Ph.D. Student 2019)

Negar is originally from Iran and obtained her bachelor degree  in  chemistry at  Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz,Iran and her Master in Physical Chemistry at the same university in Shiraz. Negar enjoys reading, bicycling and  watching  movie.

Evans Monyoncho (Ph.D w/  Elena Baranova 2017 )

Evans is originally from Kenya where he received his Diploma in Analytical Chemistry at Kenya Polytechnic University College. He obtained his B.Sc in Chemistry at Saint Mary’s University and M.Sc in Chemistry from University of Prince Edward Island where he worked with Professor Rabin Bissessur. He enjoy visiting the museums in the capital region.

Evans succesfully defended his Ph.D. thesis “In-situ and computational studies of ethanol electrooxidation reaction:  Rational catalyst design strategies. “


Mohammad Zein Aghaji (Ph.D 2017)
mohammad zeinaghaji@gmail.com

Mo successfully defended his thesis titled ” Large Scale Computational Screening of Metal Organic Framework Materials for Natural Gas Purification” Mohammad now works at Health Canada developing data driven toxicity models.


Chris Demone (M.Sc. 2018)
Chris is orginally from the city of Kingston Ontario and obtained his B.Sc. in Chemistry at the University of Ottawa where he worked with professor Tom Woo for his honours project. Chris enjoys electronic music festivals, visiting Montreal, and watching the Montreal Canadiens.

Chris successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis “Partial Atomic Charge Methods for Simulating Porous Frameworks with a Net Charge and their Application to Gas Separations in Zeolites” Chris now works at the Bank of Canada in High Performance Computing Support.




Hana Dureckova (M.Sc. 2018
Hana is originally from Nagoya, Japan. She obtained her B.Sc. here at the University of Ottawa while working with Prof. Woo. She enjoys cooking and going to yoga classes.

Hana  successfully defended her thesis ” Robust Machine Learning QSPR Models for Recognizing High Performing MOFs for Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture and Using Molecular Simulation to Study Adsorption of Water and Gases in Novel MOFs “.

Hana is now working in R&D at a medical supply company back in her Native Japan.




Jason Lo (M.Sc)

Jason is from the lovely east coast of Canada, he obtained his bachelor of science at Dalhousie University and worked with Dr. Randall Martin.  Jason loves the great outdoors and enjoys every moment he spends outside.

Development of charged hypothetical metal-organic frameworks and mass screening algorithm.



Alex Sorrini
Summer Student
Email: asorr080@uottawa.ca

Alex is originally from Ottawa, Ontario and will be studying as an undergraduate student at the University of Ottawa in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry. Alex enjoys playing tennis, going to the gym and supporting Manchester United F.C.


Optimization and development of new covalent organic frameworks for gas adsorption


Liam Meades
Summer Student
Email: lmead097@uottawa.ca

Liam is originally from Richmond, Ontario and is a third year undergraduate student at the University of Ottawa specializing in chemistry. Liam enjoys track and field, travelling, and supporting Liverpool F.C.


Optimization of force field parameters for Aluminum-guest interactions in applicable MOF’s and zeolites.

Phil De Luna (M.Sc – 2015)
Now a Ph.D. student at University of Toronto

Phil is originally from Windsor Ontario and obtained his B.Sc. in Chemistry at the University of Windsor where he worked with Professor James Gauld.  Phil enjoys attending the music festivals in Ottawa, particularly Blues Fest and Folk Fest.

Peter Boyd (Ph.D-2015) Email: pboyd085@uottawa.ca

Now a PDF at Berkeley.

Dr. Tom Daff (PDF – 2015) Email: tdaff@uottawa.ca

Now a RA at Cambridge UK.

Dr. Carlos Campana
(Research Associate) Email: campanacue@gmail.com

Bianca Provost (M.Sc) Email: bianca.prov@gmail.com

Bianca is originally from Montreal and moved to Ottawa to obtain her B.Sc. at the University of Ottawa. She has worked in the Woo group as an undergraduate summer student, as well as for her Honours project (in collaboration with Prof. Darrin Richeson). She recently participated in a Carbon Management Canada-funded exchange program with Professor Chaffee’s group at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) as a part of her master’s work. Bianca, being an enthusiast of foreign culture, loves discovering and trying new restaurants serving international cuisine in Ottawa. Being a French-speaker, she enjoys activities and classes at the University catered to French-Canadians. Finally, she is known for her love of all things Hello Kitty.

Now a Ph.D. student at the University Cambridge, UK

Dr. Michael Fernández Llamosa (PDF – 2014) Email: michael_llamosa@yahoo.com

Now a PDF at the RA at the University of Monash, Melbourne, Australia


Dr. Brad Wells
May – June 2014

Research Associate
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


Phil Bulsink (M.Sc  w/ Darrin Richeson) Email: philip.bulsink@uottawa.ca

Philip Bulsink is a joint member of the Woo lab and the wet lab of Dr. Darrin Richeson. He received his bachelor’s of chemistry from the University of Western Ontario. He enjoys the many summer activities in nature that Ottawa has to offer.

Now a Fuel Chemist at Industry Canada


Eugene Kadantsev

PDF 2011 – 2013

Now a software developer


Sarah Piotrkowski

NSERC USRA summer 2013 student


Moshtagh Aljawahari

NSERC USRA summer 2013 student UROP student Jan-April 2014

Arif Ismail

Master’s Student – graduate August 2011

Now at Medical School University of Alberta

David van Rijswijk

Master’s Student – graduate February 2012

now at Health Canada

Michael Nohra

Master’s Student – graduated June 2012

Djanet Choukri Bouziani

June – August 2011

Master’s Exchange student

University of Paris VI – Pierre and Marie Curie

Professor Saeid Yeganegi

sabbatical: Dec. 2010 – Aug. 2011

University of Mazandaran, Iran

Mikhal Plucisnski

Undergraduate thesis student


Professor Frédéric-Georges Fontaine

sabbatical: Fall. 2010 – Spring 2011

Laval University

James Hooper

Ph.D.  student – graduated November 2010

Now a PDF at SUNY Buffalo with Eva Zurek

Dr. Carlos ”Scarface” Campana April 2009 – Dec. 2010

Now a research associate at Gas Tops / Carleton U.

Marc-André Légaré

2010 summer student with Tom Baker Now a graduate student at Laval

Won the Russell Brand look-a-like award at the CSC poster session

Tosaporn “Jae” Sattasathuchana

May – August 2010

Exchange student from Thailand

Dr. Saman Alavi

June 2006-June 2010

Research Scientist at Health Canada, Ottawa

Eric ‘Cougar Killer’ Beamish

4th year project student 2009/2010

contact: eric.beamish ][ gmail.com

Now a graduate student in Physics at uOttawa

Eric Starra

4th year project student  2009

Now at Medical School at the University of Sydney

Bastien Mussard

Exchange Student from École Normale Supérieure, Paris – spring/summer 2009

Andrew Sirjoosingh

NSERC summer student 2009, 2007

2008/2009 4th year Honour’s project student

Now a Ph.D. student at Penn State

Chris Rowley

Ph.D. student – Graduated December 2009 (NSERC PGS-M,D, NSERC PDF)

contact:  cnrowley ][ gmail.com

NSERC PDF at University of Chicago with Roux

Will start as an Assistant Professor at Memorial University in January 2012.

Antonia Pandelieva VP Research summer scholar 2009 B.Sc. uOttawa with R. Chica

Max Garcia

Visiting Ph.D. student 2009

Barcelona, Spain

Mike Nohra

2008/2009 4th year Honour’s project student

now M.Sc. student in the Woo Lab

Peter “Crab Killer” Boyd

2008 4th year Honour’s project student (4 month)

now Ph.D. student in the Woo Lab

Josée Boudreau, Ph.D. student from the Fontaine Lab – Laval

Guillaume Bélanger-Chabot, Ph.D. student from the Fontaine Lab – Laval

Now auditioning for the role of Shaggy in the next Scooby Doo movie

Tianyi Zhang

NSERC USRA student

summer 2008

Now a M.Sc. student in London, UK

Dr. Anguang Hu

Jan.. 2008-Dec. 2008

Jan. 2002 – Jan. 2005 PDF

Senior Scientist at Defense Canada, Research and Development.

Effie Sauer, Ph.D. student from the Barriault Lab – uOttawa Now a lecturer at UofToronto Scarborough

LC Campeau, Ph.D. student from the Fagnou Lab – uOttawa now with Merck

Peter Dornan 2006/2007 Honours Project Student, 2007 summer student

Now a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto

Dr. David Gerbasi Jan. 2006 – March 2007 PDF Now Faculty at the Canadian Coast Guard College in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Dr. Federico Zahariev

Nov. 2005 – Feb. 2007


Dr. Jinhua Zhang summer 2007


Now: Senior Scientist at Simulations Plus Inc., Lancaster, CA

Dr. Sergey Dudiy

Jun 2005 – April 2006

Senior scientist at Maya HTT, in Montreal

Duangporn Wanapun

M.Sc. student – graduated May 2006

contact: duangporn.wanapun ][ gmail.com

Ph.D. student in Chemistry at Purdue University

Nick Mosey

Ph.D. student – Graduated July 2006 (NSERC CGS-D, Howard Alper Awardee)

Assistant Professor in Chemistry at Queen’s University in Kingston.

Professor Zongxian Yang

Sept. 2003 – Dec. 2005

Full Professor of Physics

College of Physics and Information Engineering

Henan University, Xinxiang, China.

Brendan Flowers

Bunny-at-large – Summer 2005

Now a graduate student at Queens

Dr. Steve Decker (NSERC PDF)

July  2001 – Feb. 2003

Patent examiner with the Government of Canada in Ottawa – He’s probably playing golf this very instant, or at least thinking about it…

Chris Granger, B.Sc. Chemistry

NSERC summer student

2003/2004 Honour’s project student with Prof. Huang

2003 NSERC summer student

Selay Lam, B.Sc. Chemistry

2002,2003 NSERC summer student with Prof. Lipson

2003/2004 Honours Project student with Prof. Lipson

Kari Ann Van Gorp, B.Sc. Chemistry

2003 NSERC summer student

2004 Honours Project student

Showey “The Prosecutor” Yazdanian

2002/2003 Group Legal Counsel

Dan Chau, B.Sc. Chem/Biochem

2002 NSERC summer student

2002/2003 Honours Project Student

Anna Eriksmo Hedman

2002/2003  Diploma Project Student – Engineering Physics Exchange Student from the Uppsala University, Sweden

Now a Electricity and Gas Trading Analyst in Sweden.

Nick Trefiak, B.Sc. Chemistry

2002 summer student joint with Prof. John Corrigan

2002/2003 Honours Project Student

2003 summer student with Prof. Yining Huang

Gordon Gere, B.Sc. Computer Science

Student systems administrator – 2001, 2002

Now the head IT Systems Analyst at Portfolio Management Group in London, Ontario.

Dr. Vladimir Shpakov – Summer 2002

visiting PDF, University of Uppsala

Professor Dongqing Wei

Jan. 2001 – Mar. 2002


College of Life Sciences and Technology

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai, China

Joey Raheb, BSc. Applied Math

2001 SHARC-net summer student with Prof. Peter Poole

2000/2001 Honours Project Student

Now at Watson Wyatt Worldwide  in Toronto

Prof. Luigi Cavallo – Summer 2001

University of Solarno, Italy

Dr. Steve Feldgus – Summer 2001

AAAS/ACS Congressional Science Fellow, US House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

Charan Donker, B.Sc. Chem/Biochem

2000/2001 Honour’s project Student

Nick Mosey

2000/2001 Honour’s thesis student

Assistant Professor in Chemistry at Queen’s University in Kingston.

Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science
University of Ottawa

Email: twoo@uottawa.ca
Fax: (613) 562-5170
Office: 545 King Edward
Room 26
Lab: 545 King Edward
2nd floor