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Open Positions

M.Sc. and Ph.D.

Canadian Students

There are currently openings for interested M.Sc./Ph.D. candidates in the lab.  The University of Ottawa will often subsidize travel costs if you want to visit the lab while you decide on a graduate school.  Please contact Professor Woo for more details.

To find out more information about the graduate programs in Chemistry at the University of Ottawa click here.

International Students

International students are encouraged to apply as the University of Ottawa provides generous stipends.  Please contact Professor Woo for more information.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Thesis Projects: Students interested in undergraduate thesis projects in the Woo lab are encouraged to contact Professor Woo to discuss potential projects.

Summer Research Opportunities: Students interested in working in the Woo lab during the summer should apply for an NSERC USRA award.  The application process usually starts in late January.  Please contact Professor Woo for more information.


Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science
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