Group Picture Summer 2013. Tom D., Evans, Phil B., Max, Sarah, Bianca, Mo, Michael, Eugene, Sean, Phil D., Pete, Moshtagh, Woo

Dr. Tom Woo


Tom earned his B.Sc Honours Chemistry and Ph.D in Theoretical Chemistry from the University of Calgary under the tutelage of Dr. Tom Ziegler in 1998. He was then awarded the NSERC PDF working at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, ETH Zürich, Switzerland with Dr. Ursula Röthlisberger from 1998-1999. Following that Tom became an Assistant Professor at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario from 2000-2005 where he was awarded various Teaching Awards. In 2005, Tom became an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa and was awarded a Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) position in Catalyst Modelling and Computational Chemistry where he continues his research today.

Research Associates and PDFs

Dr. Tom Daff (PDF)

Dr. Carlos Campana (Research Associate)

Carlos is an applied mathematician particularly interested in developing quantitative models to tackle problems of industrial relevance. He was awarded a Ph.D. in 2007 from Western University. Over the past few years, he has developed significant expertise in modeling materials via atomistic simulations. He has collaborated with several multidisciplinary teams composed of chemists, physicists and engineers.

Some topics of his past work include contact mechanics, gas sensing, lubricant degradation and algorithmic development. 


Peter Boyd (Ph.D)

Mohammad Zein Aghaji (Ph.D)

Evans Monyoncho (Ph.D w/  Elena Baranova)

Evans is originally from Kenya where he received his Diploma in Analytical Chemistry at Kenya Polytechnic University College. He obtained his B.Sc in Chemistry at Saint Mary’s University and M.Sc in Chemistry from University of Prince Edward Island where he worked with Professor Rabin Bissessur. He enjoy visiting the museums in the capital region.

Design of bimetallic catalyst(s) for complete oxidation of ethanol to CO2 and water with potential application in Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells (DEFCs). The project combines density functional theory theory (DFT) simulations and spectro-electrochemical experiments.


Sean Collins (Ph.D)

Sean is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia and obtained his B.Sc in Chemistry from Dalhousie University while working with Professor Russell Boyd. Sean enjoys attending cultural festivals and skating, in particular on the Rideau Canal.

Development of novel functional group optimization algorithms for gas adsorption of nano-porous materials.


Bianca Provost (M.Sc)

Bianca is originally from Montreal and moved to Ottawa to obtain her B.Sc. at the University of Ottawa. She has worked in the Woo group as an undergraduate summer student, as well as for her Honours project (in collaboration with Prof. Darrin Richeson). She recently participated in a Carbon Management Canada-funded exchange program with Professor Chaffee’s group at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) as a part of her master’s work. Bianca, being an enthusiast of foreign culture, loves discovering and trying new restaurants serving international cuisine in Ottawa. Being a French-speaker, she enjoys activities and classes at the University catered to French-Canadians. Finally, she is known for her love of all things Hello Kitty.

I. Force field parameterization for improved gas adsorption predictions in metal organic frameworks
II. Molecular simulation to aid in interpretation of solid-state NMR study of metal organic frameworks

Phil Bulsink (M.Sc  w/ Darrin Richeson)

Philip Bulsink is a joint member of the Woo lab and the wet lab of Dr. Darrin Richeson. He received his bachelor’s of chemistry from the University of Western Ontario. He enjoys the many summer activities in nature that Ottawa has to offer.

Testing of novel rhenium catalysts for CO2 reduction, and computational modelling of the catalytic reactions.


Phil De Luna (M.Sc)

Phil is originally from Windsor Ontario and obtained his B.Sc. in Chemistry at the University of Windsor where he worked with Professor James Gauld.  Phil enjoys attending the music festivals in Ottawa, particularly Blues Fest and Folk Fest.

Development of novel molecular docking algorithms within nanoporous materials for drug delivery and molecular sensing applications.


Jason Lo (M.Sc)

 Jason is from the lovely east coast of Canada, he obtained his bachelor of science at Dalhousie University and worked with Dr. Randall Martin.  Jason loves the great outdoors and enjoys every moment he spends outside.

Development of charged hypothetical metal-organic frameworks and mass screening algorithm.


Current Group

Summer 2018 (L to R):  Sean, Ludwig, Tom B., Mykhaylo, Woo, Pegah, Summer, Delaram, Parisa, Negar. The Group Leader Tom K. Woo, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry Email: Tom earned a Ph.D in Chemistry from the University of Calgary under the supervision of famed theoretical chemist Tom Ziegler in 1998. His Ph.D. thesis won the Canadian …

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Past Group Members

Sean Collins (Ph.D 2019) Sean is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia and obtained his B.Sc in Chemistry from Dalhousie University. Sean enjoys attending cultural festivals and skating, in particular on the Rideau Canal. Sean Succesfully defended his Ph.D. thesis titled “Parameterization, Pores, and Processes: Simulation and Optimization of Materials for Gas Separations and Storage ” …

Open Positions

M.Sc. and Ph.D. Canadian Students There are currently openings for interested M.Sc./Ph.D. candidates in the lab.  The University of Ottawa will often subsidize travel costs if you want to visit the lab while you decide on a graduate school.  Please contact Professor Woo for more details. To find out more information about the graduate programs in Chemistry at …