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March 2019 – Congratulations to Evans – Killam Fellowship

Congratulations to Evans on being awarded a prestiguous Killam  Postdoctoral Fellowship which he is taking up at Dalhousie University to develop catalysts for water splitting.

January 2019 – Congratulations to Mykhaylo on his new job

January 30th 2019.  Congratulations to Dr. Krykunov who has accepted a position at the Canada Bank Note Company as a machine learning developer.  He will start there  in the middle of March.

November 2018. Nagesh and Gokul visit the lab from the University of Alberta.

November 2018. Nagesh Pai and Gokul Subraveti from the process engineering group of Prof. Arvind Rajendran at the University of Alberta spend a week in the Woo lab to learn about molecular simulation methods. 

September 2018. Chris Demone Successfully Defends his M.Sc. Thesis

September 2018. Chris Demone successfully defends his M.Sc. thesis titled “Partial Atomic Charge Methods for Simulating Porous Frameworks with a Net Charge and their Application to Gas Separations in Zeolites”. The committee has nominated his thesis for a thesis prize. Chris is already working at the Bank of Canada as an HPC specialist.

September 2018. Cat Joins the Group as a New M.Sc. Student

September 2018. Cat Huynh joins the group as a M.Sc. student.  Cat did her B.Sc. with Alex Brown at the University of Alberta.

July 2018. Christina Joins the Group for the Summer

July 2018. Christina Bakowsky joins the group with a University of Ottawa Undergraduate Research Scholarships.

July 2018. The Woo Lab Escapes in Record Time

July 2018.  The Woo lab completed an escape room without any hints from that only 5% of groups complete without hints.  The group also does it in record time.

June 2018. Exchange Ph.D. Student Negar Joins the Group

June 2018.  Negar Parvizi joins the group as an exchange Ph.D. student from Iran.  She will be here until February 2019.  

May 2018. Shyama Joins the Group as a New PDF to Synthesize MOFs

May 2018. Shyamapada Nandi joins the group as a PDF (co-supervised with Professor Murugesu) to synthesize MOFs. Shyama comes from the group of Prof. Vaidhyanathan  at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune.

February 2018. Hanna Successfully Defends her M.Sc. Thesis.

February 2018.  Congratulations to Hanna Dureckova for successfully defending her thesis titled ” Robust Machine Learning QSPR Models for Recognizing High Performing MOFs for Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture and Using Molecular Simulation to Study Adsorption of Water and Gases in Novel MOFs”.  Hanna is moving back to Japan to be closer to family but already has a …

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