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July 2016 – Congratulations to Sean for being awarded a Queen Elizabeth II graduate scholarship

Congratulations to Sean Collins for being awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology (QEII-GSST).  Below is a picture of Sean winning the group’s hot wing eating contest.

July 2016 – Peter presents at the Applications of Topological Methods in Materials Science meeting in Russia

Peter Boyd, presented an invited talk at the “Applications of topological methods in materials science” International workshop in Samara, Russia, July 1-4, 2016. Peter presented the talk “A Novel Method for Constructing Nano Porous Materials from Labelled Quotient Graphs” .  As well, he ran a practical tutorial on the group’s TOBASSCO (TOpology BASed Crystal COnstructor) package.    

June 2016 – Woo wins the inaugural Canadian Society for Chemistry Tom Zielger Award

Woo was awarded the first every Tom Ziegler Award from the Canadian Society for Chemistry. The award, sponsored by Scientific Computing & Modelling NV, is presented to a scientist residing in Canada who has made a distinguished contribution to computational or theoretical chemistry while working in Canada.  Woo’s Award talk was titled “A Computational Chemist’s Curious Course …

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June 2016 – Woo Lab Alumni meet in Halifax

Former Woo lab Ph.D. students meet in Halifax.  From right to left, Dr. Peter Boyd, Prof. Nick Mosey, Dr. James Hooper.

June 2016 – Group attends Canadian Society for Chemistry National meeting in Halifax

Mykhaylo, Sean, Evans, Tom B, Hanna, and Woo attended the 99th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in Halifax (June 5-9th). The following poster and oral presentations were given: “FA3PS: A Fully Automated Computational Tool to Predict, Analyze and Optimize the Adsorption Properties of Nanoporous Materials “(Poster) Collins SP, Daff TD, Burns TD, Boyd PG, Lo JW, Woo TK “Guiding the Design of …

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July 2015 – Congratulations to Peter for Successfully defending his Ph.D. Thesis – Off to Berkeley

Congratulations to Peter Boyd for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis “Computational High Throughput Screening of Metal Organic Frameworks for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Applications”.  Peter is off to UC Berkeley to work with Berend Smit.

June 2015 – Congrats to Tom B. and Hana for winning poster prizes at this year’s CSC conference.

June 2015 – The 98th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition Opens in Ottawa

June 13-17.  The 98th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition was successfully held in Ottawa, with the University of Ottawa Hosting.  Woo was the scientific program chair for the conference.  There were over 2100 registrants, 1350 oral presentations, 800+ poster presentations and presenters from 38 different countries.

May 2015 – Hana Dureckova and Chris Demone join the group as M.Sc. candidates.

Hana Dureckova and Chris Demone join the group as M.Sc. candidates beginning in September 2015

April 2015 – Hana wins the department’s best undergraduate thesis award!

Congratulations to Hana for winning the department of Chemistry’s best undergraduate thesis award.  She was also awarded the Hypercube Scholar award for the best thesis involving theoretical or computational chemistry.