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Feb. 2015 – Congrats to Woo for finishing his 3 yr term on the NSERC Discovery Grants Evaluation Committee

Congrats to Woo for finishing his three year term on the NSERC Discovery Grants Evaluation Committee.

Nov. 2014 – Congrats to Bianca who Successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis: Off to Cambridge

Congratulations to Bianca who successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis.  She is off to Cambridge UK to pursue a Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry.

Sept. 2014 Congrats to Phil Bulsink on his MSc. Defense and new job at Natural Resources Canada

Congratulations to Phil Bulsink on his new job at Natural Resources Canada as a Fuels Chemist and successfully defending his MSc.

Aug. 2014 – Woo and Daff visit Brazil to Collaborate

Prof Woo and Tom Daff visit the University of Campinas (one of the top Universities in Brazil) near Sao Paulo to collaborate with the research groups of Munir Skaf and Douglas Galvao at the Institutes of Chemistry and Physics, respectively. The collaboration is a two year project funded by a CALDO-FAPSEP interaction grant.

Aug. 2014 – Teaching Assistant Awards – Congrats to Phil & Phil

Congratulations to both Phil De Luna and Phil Bulsink for being awarded the department’s Teaching Assistant Award.

July 2014. Summer Conferences – Montreal, Wisconsin, Colorado, Vancouver

Tom Daff, Mohammad, and Sean attended the 26th Canadian Symposium on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry in Montreal.  Woo attended the first Telluride meeting on “Metal-organic frameworks: Experiments and Simulations” .

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July 1, 2014 – Congratulations to Peter Boyd on the birth of their 2nd child

Congratulations to Peter Boyd and his wife Rebecca on the birth of their son Liam Eric Michael Boyd, born at 2:01 pm, July 1.

June 2014 – Group Hot Wing Eating Contest

Congratulations to Sean for winning the group hot wing eating contest at Wild Wings.  He ate the “Manager’s Special” and lived to tell about it.  This wing is so hot, you have to sign a waiver before they let you eat it.

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June 2014 – The Woolab welcomes visiting scientists from Poland and Australia

The lab welcomes Dr. Brad Wells from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia for a month long visit sponsored by Carbon Management Canada.  The lab also welcomes Dr. Zygmunt Flisak from the University of Opole, in Opole Poland for a 2 week visit.

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May 2014 The lab welcomes summer students Hana and Joshua

The WooLab welcomes summer students Hana Ouci-Dureckova and Joshua Pigeon.  As is tradition in the WooLab, new members must finish an extra large pho which is a vietnamese beef noodle dish.

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