What are Metal Organic Frameworks?

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs), also called porous coordination polymers are crystalline materials made up of metal ions coordinated to organic molecules that can form three-dimensional structures that are nanoporous. Recently they have received considerable attention because of their potential use in various applications such as CO2 sequestration, hydrogen storage and fuel cell membranes.

What is MOFFinger?

MOFFinger is a Cheminformatics tool for Hypothetical Metal Organic Frameworks database. It provides fast access to over ~300000 Hypothetical MOFs, properties and associated information. It includes two applications MOFsearch and MOFsimilartiy.

MOFsearch enables synthesis chemists to find MOFs of interest via search Secondary Building Units, Geometric Features , Functional Groups and Adsorption Properties. It also provides substructure, similarity and exact search of organic SBUs for synthesis chemists to find more synthesis targets for their desired application.

MOFsimilarity MOFsimilarity enables synthesis chemists to compare their experimental Metal Organic Frameworks to our Top Performing Hypothetical MOFs Using Holographic discriptors.

Team's Development

MOFFinger was developed by:
PhD students: Mohammad Zein Aghaji
email: mohammadzeinaghaji@gmail.com

Hypothetical MOFs generated by:
PhD students:Peter Boyd
email: pboyd085@uottawa.ca

Screening methods developed by:
Dr. Tom Daff
email: tdaff@uottawa.ca

Thanks Woo Lab members